Birth To Five Facilitator

BIRTH TO Five FACILITATOR position overview:  The Facilitator will report to the Assistant Director for Service Delivery.  The Facilitator is responsible for providing professional development coaching support as an implementation team member to the on-site partner (OSP) and teachers.  Using best practices for classroom instruction and assessment, teacher training and consultation, the Rollins Center Facilitator, in partnership with school/center staff, will create opportunities that will significantly change the lives of students for the better. The Rollins Center Facilitator will actively interact with center directors/principals, program developers, literacy coaches, teachers and paraprofessionals.


Facilitator Essential Duties:


  • Engage in a consistent coaching cycle that is purposeful and reflective
  • Gradual release of skills through the “I do, You do, We do”
  • Provide intentional and purposeful feedback (e.g. joint problem solving and setting goals)
  • Operate from a cycle of reflection and continuous growth
  • Make clear connections between child outcomes and Read Right from the Start (RRFTS) strategies
  • Understand stages of teacher development
  • Understand the difference between a knowledge, skill and mindset (will) gap and how to appropriately support each
  • Collaborates with team to plan, reflect and implement coaching
  • Conduct internal pulse checks to determine if the work is on the right track
  • Engage in continuous professional growth
  • Intentional and purposeful scheduling and planning (personal and site based)
  • Understand and implement a variety of best coaching techniques (i.e. modeling, video reflection, joint conversation, co-teaching, etc.)


Change Agent

  • Has knowledge of the change process and includes in coaching (Source: Adapted from DiClemente and Prochaska, 1998: Stages of Change)
  • Demonstrate understanding that improvement is continuous and not static
  • Demonstrate the ability to facilitate on-going change


Content Knowledge

  • Attain and maintain a comprehensive understanding of all Cox Campus relevant courses to inform all coaching
  • Understand, articulate and model RRFTS strategies
  • Remain content experts by staying abreast of research and professional publications and continuously reviewing Cox Courses


Use of Data

  • Consistently uses a variety of data to inform all levels of coaching
  • Collaboratively uses child outcome data and teacher data to assist teachers/OSP’s in prioritizing needs and developing measurable goals
  • Use strategies and appropriate tools to objectively observe the adult and the program


Establish and Foster Relationships

  • Use positive and culturally relevant “people skills” to develop respectful and responsive relationships
  • Begin work by establishing rapport, clear expectations and honoring the partner’s voice
  • Maintain on-going relationships
  • Offer strength based coaching and empathy


  • Engage daily in Cox Campus community in order to connect, coach, and support teachers
  • Use technology to be innovative and efficient, like: using video as a coaching tool, using private groups to connect adults, etc.
  • Use Cox Campus to deliver professional development
  • Provide PD on relevant Cox Campus courses
  • Use technology to communicate with colleagues and partner, like: slack, newsletters, RRFTS private groups, etc.


Adult Learning Strategies

  • Utilize a variety of tools based on adults stage of development
  • Has thorough knowledge of adult learning and uses principles throughout work
  • Acknowledge and build on experience and knowledge that adults bring to the table


Effective Communication

  • Communicate as equal partners (refer to book: Better Conversations: Beliefs and Habits) with all
  • Demonstrate active and responsive listening techniques with adults
  • Utilize a range of effective communication techniques designed to address both verbal and nonverbal communication with adult
  • Ask better questions to clarify beliefs, thoughts and actions
  • Demonstrate ability to facilitate the coaching cycle using timely goal-focused meetings and conversation



  • Provide adults with the skills and tools necessary to self-evaluate and the opportunity to discuss and analyze findings
  • Use gradual release of skills to OSP’s and teaching in order to create sustainability
  • Document work to support Cox Campus (i.e. sharing resources, videotaping conversations and PD’s, etc.)
  • View everything we do through the lens of “how do we go to scale”
  • Effectively engage site leadership
  • Plan for sustainability
  • Communicate sustainability goals with partners from the beginning


Supervisory Responsibilities: None



  • Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree preferred, in Special Education, Speech Language Pathology, Early Childhood Education, Reading, or a related field required
  • Prefer 3 years of experience implementing and coaching Read Right from the Start strategies
  • Experience in Birth to Five educational programs and/or programs for language and literacy required
  • School-based teacher training and coaching experience also desired
  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent public speaking skills
  • Action-oriented, collaborative, flexible, and innovative approach to coaching and mentoring
  • High aspirations for all children to be successful and empowered
  • Proven leadership skills and the ability to understand the comprehensive language and literacy issues of young children in a variety of settings
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Keen interest to work in a variety of settings with teachers



This 220-day, full-time school position offers a generous benefit package including health/dental/life/vision and long term disability insurance; the School subsidizes health insurance premiums of staff and families. Other benefits include Flexible Spending Account; 403(b) Plan; cost reduction of some Atlanta Speech School services; complimentary meals during working hours; and accrued sick leave.


Salary is commensurate with experience.

To Apply:

Please submit all of the following documents to ensure that your information is considered: cover letter, resume, college transcript, and written submission describing how your particular skills, talents, and/or expertise could be beneficial to the Rollins Center (please limit to 500 words).



Subject line: Birth to Five Facilitator


Please no phone inquiries.


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