8 9 “Look, I see Ms. Nia! She’s holding Baby Jax,” Amari said as she and her family walked into the room. They wanted to get a glimpse of Baby Jax, even if it was only from a distance. Amari observed that Nia was singing and talking to the baby. “He’s just a baby. Why is she singing and talking to him?” Amari wondered out loud. “Words help babies’ brains grow. It’s important for babies to be held and talked to.” “See Amari, there are nurses and volunteers in the room talking with all of the babies,” added Dad. Amari stared in amazement as she watched everyone talk to the babies. They waited patiently until they could visit with Nia in her hospital room. (Point) to Baby Jax (Tell) volunteers—people who spend time helping others (Point) to nurse and volunteers (Tell) observed—watch (Act out)