12 13 As they left the hospital, Amari said, “Ms. Nia is very disappointed about Baby Jax’s nursery not being ready.” “Yes. She was hoping that her husband would be home from his deployment before Baby Jax was born,” Mama added. “Mama, can we help her?” Amari asked. Mama smiled. “That’s an excellent idea, Amari.” Amari looked up at her father . “Dad, do you know how to put a crib together?” “Yes. I assembled your crib. We can put Baby Jax’s crib together as well as the other furniture,” said Dad. “Maybe we can finish decorating, too,”Amari added. “There is a lot of work to do.” “What if we have the neighbors come and help?” Mama suggested. “I can ask them when we get home,” Amari said, beaming with joy. (Tell) disappointed—very sad (Tell) assembled—put together (Act) —smile really big (Tell) decorating—make something look nice Use think-alouds: Amari is trying to find a way to help. She must really care about Ms. Nia. Amari is showing compassion. (Tell) deployment—when a military person works away from home