Want to learn other ways to read with your child to build vocabulary? See it in action! www.atlantaspeechschool.org/read This book is intended to be read with children ages 3-6. Please feel free to help your older children attempt to read the story to you. Have fun! As you read, your goal is to bring the story to life so that the story can become part of your child’s life. Here are a few ways to bring the story to life: 1. Create conversation around the book by sharing the“Before you read this book”statement with your child at the beginning and asking the open-ended question in the“After reading”section at the end. By stating the purpose and saving your questions until the end of the story, you give your child a focus as you read together. 2. On some pages, you will notice“think-alouds”in the corner. Say these“think-alouds”after you read each page. This models critical thinking for your child and prepares him/her to successfully answer the question at the end. 3. Look for the words in blue that help you use the PAT strategy to Point to the illustrations, Act out words, or Tell a child-friendly definition to help your child understand and gain new vocabulary introduced in the story. Keep your child engaged. Change your voice to bring characters and their emotions to life. How you read with children, makes a difference for a lifetime.