Clinical Services

Without proper diagnosis or a comprehensive intervention plan, issues in speech, hearing, language or learning can prevent children and adults from fully participating in everyday society. To help detect and address these problems, our clinical programs provide services to children across our schools and the community. In each of our five clinics, professionals with advanced training and expertise offer comprehensive evaluations, use research-based intervention techniques and state-of-the-art technology, and collaborate across all clinics and disciplines for the best possible outcome for each person we serve.

Speech School Clinic clients range in age from infancy to late adulthood, and clinic professionals make every effort to consider the impact of the presenting concerns on the client and their family. Our clinicians are available to collaborate with other professionals or caregivers in a client’s life to ensure the best possible outcome for those who have entrusted the Speech School with their care.

Our multidisciplinary team approach, comprehensive evaluations, consideration of the total individual, and professional resources make the Speech School Clinics distinctive. It would be an honor to share these services with your family and to partner on a journey toward achieving your goals.

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