Atlanta Speech School Video

Watch our video to find out what makes the Atlanta Speech School unique, or read the transcript below.
COMER: When I talk about the Speech School, the country’s most comprehensive language and literacy center, and when I talk about teacher-student ratio, the easiest thing for me to say is, well, we’ve got 205 people on our staff, so our teacher-student ratio should be 205:1. Every single one of us committed to giving our very best for each child in our building.

NIA: At my old school, my stomach would always hurt in the morning, like, every day because I was so nervous to go to school.

JAMIE: A big purpose here is to give children that confidence that they can find their voice, that they can be comfortable joining a group and walking up to a peer or an adult and expressing themselves.


NIA: For the past, like, two years, my stomach never hurts in the morning and I always want to wake up and go to school.

JEN: As parents, we are eager to crack the seemingly magic code to unlock the potential of our children. Well, the Speech School has cracked the code. It’s a loving supportive environment that develops critical thinking skills and gives children the confidence to use their voices.


SONDRA: All of the work of our four schools, five clinics, and our Rollins Center for Language and Literacy is interrelated and intentional, creating sort of a synergy of expertise and knowledge of research that allows our wonderful Speech School professionals to help each child in every classroom.


SONDRA: This robust language environment creates a solid foundation for reading and for the explicit, multi-sensory instruction that we provide.

JAMIE: This is such a collaborative place. Because you have several eyes on all the students all the time and people from all these different areas of expertise, you’re never kind of out on a limb by yourself.

COMER: The school has an amazing legacy since 1938 of transforming children’s lives, so this becomes a destination for people who know that what’s going to be expected of them is not only their best intellectually, but their very best emotionally; to be connected with their children, to be connected with their colleagues and their parents and the broader community because that’s how our school started.


NIA: They don’t just say something and you can’t, like, ask any more questions. You actually get a chance to ask as many questions as you need to understand it.

SONDRA: The fact that the Speech School offers what it does to the children that we serve in-house makes it almost our responsibility to offer it to any child that we can.

COMER: We’ve got amazing partnerships with the state of Georgia and so many others, and then we share that knowledge for the benefit of every child and what we learn through our partners to help every child comes back to make us even better with each child in our school and then that work goes back out and it just keeps going, this ever-evolving cycle.

SONDRA: Our ability to go into the community and take what we know and what we’ve learned through the research and to offer free online courses to teachers through our Cox Campus can change the life of a child outside of here just as easily as it changes the life of a child inside. When children receive this kind of language-rich instruction, they become confident, independent learners ready to tackle learning and life at higher and higher levels of achievement. And that’s the Speech School difference.

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