"RHYME with Me" Launches on Read Right from the Start on Cox Campus

The team at the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy has recently launched RHYME with Me, the newest addition to the infant/toddler track on Read Right from the Start on the Cox Campus.  Joining other courses in a series emphasizing the critical role of a responsive adult in the development of the young brain, RHYME with Me extends the concept of relationship building between teachers and infants and toddlers to the realm of Rhythm and Rhyme.


Young brains benefit greatly from repetition, rhythm, and rhyme to process language, enhance vocabulary, develop phonological awareness, and build early literacy skills. RHYME with Me endeavors to deepen teachers’ understanding of the many benefits of Rhythm and Rhyme and enables teachers to turn every rhythm and rhyme moment into an opportunity to engage infants and toddlers in responsive interactions, as they build their knowledge about the world and showcase the sounds of language.


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