Rollins Center Video

Watch our video to learn more about the Rollins Center or read the transcript below.
Comer Yates, Executive Director: The Rollins Center is committed to honoring the promise that every one of our children be able to read on grade level by third grade. For us, that means empowering teachers to give children the power of language and literacy for a lifetime. We’re particularly focused on children whose families generationally have not had access to quality education, and are caught in a cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Our purpose is to break that cycle.

Julie Smith, Facilitator: In the Rollins Center we're taking the strategies that we are using in other areas of the Atlanta Speech School out into the greater community. I think the most notable thing in a classroom where teachers have been through the program, and where oral language is supported and encouraged, is that children feel much more confident. In classrooms where the strategies have been used, it’s evident because children are taking risks, asking more questions and developing a love for learning.

Kizzie Burke, Teacher: The difference the Rollins Center has made in my teaching is it’s made the books that I choose to read to my class more intentional. The information that I want to get out of the stories is more intentional. It’s not just reading for fun; it’s reading to learn. I have a unique perspective because I have children of my own who are going through the program, and I’ve noticed that their vocabulary has expanded tremendously since entering into the program.

Julie Smith: I believe wholeheartedly in the strategies that we’re using. I understand the importance of oral language and helping children to be able to express themselves, and to be able to ask questions when they want to learn more. I also get to share in the joy that children have as they are learning how to express themselves.

Kelli Bacote-Boone, Teacher: the Rollins Center has made such a difference in my educational career. I am so passionate about building a foundation for children. To know that I can go in now and push in the vocabulary for them to become critical thinkers makes all the difference in the world to me.
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