Toddler Talk & Play

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Toddler Talk & Play is a four-week prevention and enrichment program designed to equip parents with the skills necessary to stimulate their toddler’s speech, language, social, and motor skill development.

Children for the program should be:

  • Between the ages of 18-26 months
  • Not currently receiving intervention services for a known developmental delay

Each week, parents and toddlers will participate in fun and engaging educational activities that are designed to foster development and prepare children for preschool.

  • Week 1: Making the Most of Everyday Play  Children are learning and practicing skills while they play. Learn how to select developmentally appropriate toys and how to use them to foster language and social skills in fun and engaging ways.
  • Week 2: Fine Motor Extravaganza Our hands are “tools” which help us perform daily tasks such as feeding, grasping, and building. In this session, parents will learn to promote visual awareness, proper hand development, and eye/hand coordination during language-rich play.
  • Week 3: On a Roll towards Reading Readiness Reading skills are critical for academic success. In this session, parents will learn how to turn book reading into interactive conversations that will promote language and early literacy skills.
  • Week 4: The Magic of Music and Movement Music and movement can be used in fun ways to foster children’s development in the areas of language, listening, rhythm, and body and spatial awareness. Explore with us as we move to the beat and unleash the magic that underlies these engaging activities.


Upcoming class details will be posted soon.
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