COVID-19 Policies – updated 8/08/2022

Mask Policy

Masks are optional for all students, staff, and visitors dependent upon COVID-19 Community Levels (Fulton County COVID-19 Hub) and recommendations from the Fulton County Public Health Department and the CDC.A person with recent known exposure to COVID-19 or who is returning to campus after having COVID-19 should follow the masking protocols outlined by the CDC.

  • Exposed and unvaccinated/not up to date: quarantine 5 days, wear a mask, get tested, watch for symptoms and wear a mask for 10 days
  • Exposed and fully/up to date vaccinated: no quarantine, wear a mask and monitor for symptoms for 10 days
  • Exposed and had COVID within 90 days: no quarantine, wear a mask and monitor for symptoms for 10 days
  • Confirmed COVID: isolate at least 5 days; end isolation when symptoms resolve; wear a mask for 10 days (5 after isolation ends)

Testing Policy

Onsite COVID-19 PCR testing is available to all students and staff through MAKO Medical Laboratory services. COVID-19 testing may detect the presence of COVID-19 even in individuals who may be asymptomatic.

COVID-19 PCR testing is required once weekly for all staff. Monday is the preferred day for staff testing. Mako representatives will be onsite Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for additional testing needs.

Though participation in weekly PCR COVID-19 testing is not required for students, it is available to all students. If you would like your child to participate in the MAKO testing, complete the consent form here. Families and staff will be notified of positive test results only. Requests for a copy of the test results may be made to the school nurse.

COVID-19 rapid antigen testing is available for all students and staff in the school nurse clinic if testing is needed beyond the designated PCR COVID-19 testing days. The school nurse will contact parents for consent to perform a rapid antigen test in the nurse’s office.

Notification Policy

Per DPH guidance, contact tracing will not be performed for every positive COVID-19 case; however, COVID-19 positive case notification letters will be sent to the grade-level or preschool group in which the positive case is identified through the Mako onsite testing. Families and staff may then determine the need for participating in testing or taking additional precautions.