Thank You to Our Donors!

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The Atlanta Speech School has a vision and a purpose: to make transformative change in the lives of the children and adults we serve through our research-based practices implemented by the best teachers in the field. We also use innovative approaches to coach teachers across the state and beyond in these best practices. Therefore, gifts to our School help empower the voice of each child who walks through our doors while leveraging our collective expertise for the benefit of every child in Georgia.
Here at the Speech School we think of our teacher:student ratio as 204:1, as every staff member in the building plays a critical role in the educational journey of each of our students. We attract the most gifted and committed teaching professionals who synthesize and apply the research of the country’s leading educational experts to achieve this transformational change for each of our students. As one of our current teachers told me, “I became a teacher to inspire students. I became a professor to inspire teachers. I came to the Speech School to be inspired.”

Thank you to all our donors for your trust in us, generosity and commitment to our work.
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