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Community & Culture

Community and Culture is symbolic of who we are as a School, and every child is a part. Not limited to "projects," Culture and Community applies a "Learn, Feel, Act, Inspire" model to its work,  ensuring that as children read, they imagine what the story means to them, how they are inspired and what they have in their capacity already to DO.  Acts of service are an important part of the fabric of our School, demonstrating that the value of reading  goes far beyond proficiency. Deep reading requires - and builds - personal reflection, imagination, empathy, critical thinking and executive function - each of which is nurtured when we "Learn, Feel, Act, Inspire." 

Started in 2021, Community and Culture was established for each child in every program at the School, to:

Develop the deep-reading brain​

Build empathy and connection​

Develop a sense of agency

Deepen awareness of others through an increased consideration of and emphasis on strengthening cultural competencies and growing emotional intelligence.

Each year, parents learn about school-wide initiatives and in Wardlaw, children are encouraged to act when inspired by stories they have read, develop their own projects or initiatives, share with their peers and effect change themselves.


Year-End Review of Culture and Community

Jane Wilkinson

Jane Wilkinson

Curriculum Specialist, Community & Culture Coordinator