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Engaged parents make our work possible. The Atlanta Speech School dedicates itself to construction of the reading brain. We believe in connections over compliance - in creating an atmosphere of mutual respect between children and adults, and children with each other. Through meaningful conversations and explicit instruction, we prepare, instruct and expand the use of the written and spoke word in children of all ages. Each of our programs creates an individual learning environment suited to the needs of each child, built on trust and our belief in the life-changing power of literacy and language and designed to prepare them for the next steps on their academic journeys and beyond.

The Wardlaw School

Preparing bright children with dyslexia for traditional classrooms and beyond

Each Wardlaw School student receives individualized attention that builds trust and fosters the necessary skills a child with dyslexia needs to excel in academic settings.


Kenan Preschool

Developing remarkably-ready learners

The Kenan preschool guides children to acquire and use complex vocabulary, foster critical thinking and develop empathy so they are well-prepared for elementary school and beyond.


Kathrine Hamm Center

Partnering with families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing to develop strong foundations for communicating and reading

The family-centered approach of the Hamm Center ensures children who are deaf or hard of hearing are well-supported as they develop age-appropriate language, reading and math skills.


Stepping Stones Preschool

Creating pathways to success for preschool-aged children experiencing speech and/or language delays

Stepping Stones unlocks the potential of bright children with diagnosed speech-language delays through intentional, systematic and multi-sensory teaching practices tailored to each learner.


The Rollins Center

Training for Teachers, Families and Caregivers

Focusing on equitable educational access to every child in every zipcode, Rollins staff works with educators, healthcare agencies, families and child-facing professionals. Through coaching, training and online instruction, Rollins professionals are dedicated to ensuring each child has the chance to decide their future.

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Everyone at the Atlanta Speech School works tirelessly to empower children with a lifetime of language and literacy. Equipped with a passion for strengthening and enriching the lives of their students, Atlanta Speech School staff create an unmatched learning environment for Atlanta-area children.

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As a parent, you know more than anyone the impact the Atlanta Speech School makes in the lives of gifted young students. We rely on our community to join us in our mission to empower children through language and literacy, and you can get involved today.
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