Occupational Therapy Clinic


The occupational therapy clinic at The Atlanta Speech School provides comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation and screening services to children from infancy to adolescence. Specialized therapeutic intervention and remediation is provided to children with sensory, motor, perceptual, functional, or developmental difficulties. The occupational therapists are highly trained and experienced in a number of treatment modalities, including Sensory Integration, and have specially designed treatment areas and state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to help children reach an optimal level of functioning in their home, school, and play environments.

The occupational therapy department provides services to children enrolled in our school programs as well as children in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Comprehensive consultative services are also provided to professionals, teaching staff, and parents, within the Speech School, and the community.


Our staff is comprised of occupational therapists who hold graduate or masters degrees, and are state licensed and registered by the National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapy. All the Occupational Therapists are highly trained and each have their own areas of expertise, which contribute to the high quality of specialty services provided, (e.g. sensory integration, neuro-developmental therapy, therapeutic listening, feeding therapy, floor time, etc.)

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