Atlanta Speech School Research Proposal Guidelines

At the Atlanta Speech School we maintain the highest level of professional standards in support of our mission to help each person develop his or her full potential through language and literacy. We base our work on evidence-based practices consistent with the literature in our respective disciplines, and affirm the importance of professional advancement in one of our core principles-We recognize that excellence demands the continuing pursuit and application of the most advanced knowledge, research, and practices in our fields of service and expertise.Therefore, we invite well conceived research proposals that will most likely yield results that add to the body of knowledge regarding individuals’ language and literacy development and help to inform future practice. 

Requests to conduct research at the Atlanta Speech School must conform to the following guidelines. 
  • A research proposal and accompanying documents must be submitted electronically. Incomplete proposals will be returned to the lead researcher with directions for resubmitting. (See format link below)

  • Research proposals should be sent to Tina Rashid at

  • Background checks must be completed for those who will be working directly with students.

  • Participation in research at the Atlanta Speech School is voluntary. The needs of our students, teachers, and families will guide our decisions throughout the research proposal review process.

The review cycle for proposals is August through May. Proposals will not be accepted in June and July. The review process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks. Written notice will be sent to the lead researcher upon completion of the review process. Please feel free to contact Tina Rashid at 404-233-5332 or for additional information. 

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