Our Curriculum

The Kenan Preschool emphasizes language and literacy across all curricula, with children learning the language of math, science, social studies, and more. Science tells us this intentional focus on literacy throughout your child’s preschool education maximizes the early growth of their reading brain.


Research-Based Commitment to Reading Brain Construction

Reading is not a natural or automatic function of the brain. According to evidence-based research, circuits specific to reading must be built before a child can learn to read. The Atlanta Speech School holds construction of the reading brain as the connecting thread that runs through all our schools and programs.

All Kenan teachers hold advanced degrees, have expertise in early childhood development, and understand the science behind what is required to best prepare our youngest learners for everything that comes after preschool.

Using the best research-based learning techniques, a range of teaching methods personalize each child’s experience. Behind the scenes of our warm, welcoming classrooms is the understanding, discussion and intentional development of curricula to directly support the reading brain.

All day, every day, teachers and students engage in conversations that support expressive language development and critical thinking skills. The meaningful relationships that form include developmentally appropriate experiences with teachers building on this language foundation. Children are not silenced – so they learn the value of listening and want to be contributors. Science tells us this is what is needed to construct reading brains and prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Through developmentally-appropriate experiences, teachers build on this language foundation and support the reading brains’ phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, and print-awareness skills.


Developmentally-appropriate activities guide the children’s understanding of number sense, operations and geometry measurement, as well as pattern and data understanding.

Science and Social Studies

Teachers expose children to science and social studies’ concepts through experiential units. Children participate in experiments, make predictions, and record observations – incorporating early literacy skills throughout – valuing curiosity and discovery as well as language.

Physical Development

Gross motor, fine motor, visual-spatial skills, and sensory integration are all intentionally facilitated through our Handwriting Without Tears program, PE and OT-PE times, and the all-important playground time.