Our outplacement specialist and teachers work together with parents to determine when a child is ready to leave the Wardlaw School.

Our outplacement specialist visits public and independent schools to ensure we maintain a mutual understanding of students, programs and curricula.

When a family chooses to apply their child to an independent school, our outplacement specialist:

  • Collaborates with parents to select a range of independent school options, usually 3-5 schools.
  • Meets with admissions’ directors during the admissions process to advocate for the child.
  • Supports and stays in touch with parents as the child transitions to the new school setting.

When a family chooses to register their child at a neighborhood public school, our outplacement specialist works with the parents and public school personnel to:

  • Set up a 504 Plan
  • Develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) if the child qualifies.

Our outplacement specialist provides the school to which your child is advancing with documents summarizing your child’s learning style and citing all pertinent assistive technology and strategies that will support academic success and independence in the new classroom setting.