Research-Based Education to Build the Reading Brain

The early years are the most important time for brain development. Our teachers and specialists utilize research-based practices with a unique multi-disciplinary approach to prepare the reading brain through intentional and natural experiences. Through nurturing and supportive relationships, teachers in Stepping Stones empower children to develop speech, language, fine motor, gross motor, school readiness, and critical thinking skills.

Language and Literacy

Throughout the day, the Stepping Stones program focuses on the development of essential speech and language skills that are foundational for literacy. Research is put into practice by supporting the development of young children’s complex vocabulary, critical thinking, world knowledge, and empathy for others. In addition, through developmentally appropriate practice, teachers support the reading brain’s phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, and print awareness skills.


Through research supported, developmentally-appropriate mathematical experiences and activities, teachers explicitly teach concepts of number and operations, geometry, measurement, algebra (patterns), and data analysis. Children are intentionally taught meaningful vocabulary that is essential in communicating mathematical ideas, concepts, and problem-solving skills.

Science and Social Studies

Teachers expose children to science and social studies’ concepts through integrated thematic units. Children participate in experiments, make predictions, and record observations. These science and social studies units incorporate language and literacy throughout and enable each child to discover and learn more about their world.

Physical Development

Gross motor, fine motor, visual-spatial, and sensory integration skills are all intentionally facilitated through our Handwriting Without Tears program, classroom lessons, PE and OT-PE times, and the all-important playground time.

The Stepping Stones Preschool is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the Georgia Accrediting Commission, and is licensed by Bright from the Start, Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning.