Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

The Atlanta Speech School seeks the opportunity to leverage our 77-year commitment to growth, innovation, and transformation for our children, our adult clients, and our School. We choose to grow our partnerships with other institutions and leading researchers, educators, and therapists to dramatically impact outcomes for those we serve, both at the Atlanta Speech School and throughout the State of Georgia.

Professional development, financial aid and advances and investment in technology are the tools for implementation needed to meet this opportunity. As a foundation for these advances, the collective leaders of the Atlanta Speech School have focused on direct and purposeful communication that allows for effective problem solving and decision making. Thus, we are empowered to speak and act with one voice on behalf of our community.

In this strategic plan, we systematically and intentionally embrace self-evaluation of all aspects of our programs and services and commit to change that has an eye on the future while maintaining our historical pledge to each person who enters the doors of the Speech School and to every person more broadly. To them, we give the best of ourselves while constantly becoming better. As a community of professionals, we are dedicated to reaching our goal, shared by so many of our partners, of every teacher in Georgia having the capacity for each student he/she serves to be on a path to grade-level reading by 2020. We further commit to bringing to each moment, and for a lifetime, our community and advances in research and resources that will make all the difference in discovering the power of language and literacy and all that it promises.

Key areas of focus for the Strategic Goals:

Programs and Services
Ensure that each child and adult in every program receives individually-focused services that are research-based and reflect our legacy of excellence.

Students, parents, and families
Foster a culture of warmth, connection, and inclusion.

School Staff
Be the best environment for exceptional professionals to serve and lead in our fields.

Ensure that each child has access to the tools of technology that will promote their access to language
and learning and participation in school and community while at the Speech School and beyond.

Partners and Relationships
Collaborate across departments to share the collective knowledge of our Schools and Clinics and engage with opinion leaders and leading researchers to support our work and our mission with the highest caliber of expertise and knowledge.

Funding, Finance and Resources
Fund ongoing operations and the priorities outlined in the strategic plan and position the organization for long-term financial stability.

Plant and Facilities
Ensure that our facilities support current services and operations and respond to future needs.

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