speech/spoken language/literacy services

Individual Speech-Language Therapy Sessions

Designed for children in need of receptive/expressive language, articulation, stuttering, social language, and apraxia of speech therapy.

Duration: 5 weeks (with a minimum of five 45-60 minute therapy sessions)
Dates: June 5- July 7
Cost: $200/hour - Individual Session Rate ($150 for a 45-minute individual session; $100 for 30-minute individual session)

Individual Spoken Language/Literacy (Dual) Sessions:

Designed for children in need of individual and intensive academic instruction in word reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, vocabulary and oral formulation.

Duration: Minimum of 10 sessions
Dates: June 5 - July 7
Pricing: $200/hour

Speech Summer Camps

Speech / Spoken Language / Literacy Enrichment Camps

For rising Kindergarten - rising 4th grade students, ages 5-8 with mild to moderate speech and language delays

These intensive speech, spoken language, and literacy one-week camps focus on social language skills, narrative writing, receptive/expressive language skills, literacy skills, and articulation. Most current speech/language evaluation, plan of care, or Individualized Education Program (IEP), completed within this past year, must accompany the registration forms. Each child will be screened prior to the beginning of the summer session to determine skill level.

This summer’s theme is Summer Days and Nights. Each week the children will cruise to tropical locations to experience educational expeditions through a variety of multi-sensory activities!  Morning sessions will be led by a certified, licensed speech-language pathologist focusing on whole group social skills activities while discussing the theme for the week. Campers will then transition into smaller groups focusing on narrative writing, spoken language, literacy, articulation, and social skills. Afternoon sessions will be led by graduate level speech-language pathology interns, who will focus on social/interaction skills and STEM related activities.

Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Week 1: Theme Parks - Monday-Friday, June 5-9 ($850)
Week 2: Baseball - Monday-Friday, June 12-16 ($850)
Week 3: Water Park - Tuesday-Friday, June 20-23 ($680)
Week 4: Pool/Beach - Monday-Friday June 26-30 ($850)
Week 5: Camping -  Tuesday-Friday, July 5-8 ($680)

Pricing: $850.00 per week, per participant; $680 per holiday week, per participant

occupational therapy services

Individual and Group Therapy Sessions:

The focus will be on a variety of occupational therapy (OT) needs including fine motor, handwriting, sensory processing, motor coordination, and visual perception.

Duration: 5 weeks with a minimum of five 45-60 minute therapy sessions
Dates: June 5 -July 7
Pricing: $190/hour – individual session rate ($142.50/45-minutes - individual session rate)
$150/hour – group session rate (Clinician recommended option)

Back-to-School OT Boot Camp

Camps for rising Kindergarten-rising 2nd graders/students ages 5-7 with mild to moderate OT needs

The Back-to-School OT Boot Camps are designed for children with mild to moderate OT needs and will be led by licensed occupational therapists. The focus will be on preparing students for a successful start to their school year by establishing and consolidating all aspects of handwriting readiness in a fun, multi-sensory, and play-based environment, while providing opportunities to practice routines and develop organizational skills. This camp will be offered twice at the end of the summer. Campers will review and consolidate good handwriting habits to ensure they are well prepared for handwriting demands as they transition into a new school year. Readiness skills will be addressed based on a child’s level, and will include letter formation, accuracy on lines, pencil grasp and control, and consistent application of those skills when writing words and sentences. Camp activities will include sports and a daily recreational adventure. These will tie into writing and drawing tasks, while addressing foundational postural-motor, coordination, and self-regulation goals. Manipulative fine-motor tasks and visual-perceptual games will also strengthen foundational skills for handwriting.

Monday through Friday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. each day.

July 31-August 4
Pricing: $725/ per participant per week


Learning Lab Services

Individual Sessions:

The focus will be on individual and intensive academic instruction in word reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression, mathematics and spoken language, as well as study and organizational skills.

Duration: Minimum of 8 sessions

Dates: Starting June 5 - July 6

Session Bundles: 8, 10 or 12 sessions
Pricing: $145.00/hour –individual academic session rate


Please make note that FULL payment for services is required at the time of registration and schedule is confirmed.
  • Monday, March 13, 2023: Registration begins for all clients who currently receive services in our Clinic (speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and academic support through Learning Lab) 
  • Monday, March 20, 2023: Registration begins for current Atlanta Speech School students who are not currently enrolled in our Clinic. 
  • Monday, March 27, 2023: Public registration begins 
  • Wednesday, May 24, 2023: Summer Clinic registration ends for all students 
  • Friday, May 26, 2023: Last day to cancel summer clinic registration and receive a reimbursement

To request a Summer Registration Packet or if you have further questions regarding summer offerings: please email us at summerclinicreg@atlantaspeechschool.org.  When requesting a registration packet, please include the following information in the body of the email:

  1. Child's full name, birth date, age, grade, and current school at the time of registration. If your child attends the Atlanta Speech School, please indicate Hamm, Kenan, Stepping Stones or Wardlaw. 
  2. Client Type (e.g., Current, Returning, New) 
  3. Services requested (e.g., speech/spoken language/literacy, occupational therapy, Learning Lab, Language/Literacy Camp, Occupational Therapy Back-to-School Camp) 
  4. Parent(s) first and last names and contact info (email and phone number) 


Financial Aid Recipients Only

For current financial aid recipients, there is a minimum payment of $50 that you must pay to participate in Summer Clinic services. The $50 plus any additional fees toward services will be due when you submit your summer registration forms. Please indicate that your child receives financial aid on your registration form to find out the full amount due for summer services.