We want to keep our community healthy.  Please use the information below to guide you as you medically prepare your child for school.

Medical History

  • Update your child’s medical history in RenWeb (District code: at-ga).
  • Please contact the School Nurse, Katrina Henley, at khenley@atlantaspeechschool.org to schedule a time to discuss medical concerns that may impact your child’s health and wellness during the academic school day.

Plan of Care/Medication

If your child has a medical diagnosis that will require medical intervention during his/her academic day, a parent- and physician-signed plan of care must be submitted to the School Nurse each academic school year. Please scroll down for care plan forms and follow the steps below.

  1. Print the care plan(s) applicable to your child’s medical history.
  2. Have your child’s physician complete and sign the care plan.
  3. Parent signature is also required.
  4. Return completed care plan to the School Nurse at khenley@atlantaspeechschool.org.

Required Medical Forms

Immunizations: All Students must have an updated 3231 Georgia Immunization form or a notarized DPH 2208 Religious Exemption form on file.

  • Returning Students: Submit an updated Georgia 3231 form (from your child's pediatrician) if your child has recently received immunizations
  • Returning Students who have a religious exemption on file do not need to update immunization records.
  • New Students: Submit an updated Georgia 3231 Immunization Record (from your child's pediatrician) or a https://dph.georgia.gov/Vaccinate-teensNotarized DPH 2208 Religious Exemption form. Please speak to your child's pediatrician.

Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutrition Screenings: Students three years of age must have a physician signed-Georgia 3300 form on file (form does not need to be fully completed).

  • Returning Students: If you have previously submitted form 3300, resubmission is not required
  • New Students: Submit a signed Georgia 3300 for child(ren) three years of age
  • Students two years of age: 3300 form is not required.
  • Wardlaw students: 3300 form is not required.

COVID-19/Illness Policy

Helpful Links

All medical forms including Georgia’s Immunization form 3231 and Georgia’s 3300 Vision, Hearing, Dental and Nutrition form, as well as any child-specific Medical Care Plans can be turned into Nurse Katrina in the following ways:

  1.  Email to khenley@atlantaspeechschool.org
  2. Mail to:
    Atlanta Speech School
    ATTN: Nurse Katrina
    3160 Northside Parkway NW
    Atlanta, Georgia 30327
  3. Fax to 844.392.0880

Please write the name of the school your child attends in the top right corner of each form you send in.

Below are medical forms you may need for your child, including an allergy action plan, an asthma action plan, a seizure action plan, and a request and consent for medication administration form. Please download or print the appropriate forms, fill them out completely, and submit following the instructions above.

Care Plan Forms:

Allergy Action Plan
Asthma Action Plan
Seizure Action Plan
Request and Consent for Medical Administration