Help Us Reach Our Goal of $850,000 this year!

Every year our goal is 100% participation from our Speech School family: parents, staff, Board and community friends

The Annual Fund is our yearly fundraising campaign. It is the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT GIFT someone can make to the Speech School each year.

Why is participation so important?

We receive generous support from local and national foundations that require us to report our parent, staff and board participation. The higher our percentages, the better our chances of receiving funding from the foundation community.

What is it used for?

The Annual Fund supports our need-based financial aid program, helping to maintain our legacy of never turning away a child in need of our specialized services due to financial circumstances.

It is also the foundation of the School's operating budget - your dollars go to work this year for every child. Annual Fund dollars help pay for salaries and benefits, program costs and school-wide operational expenses.

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