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The Atlanta Speech School provides an unmatched opportunity to learn from both peers and experts in the field. Beyond seeking proficiency, we work to construct a Deep Reading Brain for each child. Deep reading requires learning to make connections between what we read to what we think, feel, and do. Through deep reading, children develop empathy, hone critical thinking and go on to make the greatest possible difference in the lives of others.

Founded over 85 years ago, the Atlanta Speech School has evolved into four school divisions, clinical programs, and the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy (our professional development program) with Rollins’ free online Cox Campus. Across all our programs we are committed to equity and driven to ensure that each child can find their voice.  We do this through our mission, to help each person develop their full potential through language and literacy and extend our mission through our vision of literacy and justice for all.

The educational equivalent of a teaching hospital, we lead change through the extension of our work - what occurs in the classroom for each child at the Atlanta Speech School is extended to every child through our free online learning platform,  Cox Campus. Cox Campus’ membership is composed of more than 270,000 educators, leaders, healthcare professionals and parents representing all fifty states and 100 countries.  

The School, across all its programs, including the Wardlaw School, attracts a staff of the most gifted and committed teaching professionals who apply the research of the nation’s leading brain development and educational experts to achieve transformational language and literacy outcomes for children – not as an end goal, but as their start to deciding their own future.

Our focus on language and literacy is through the construction of the Deep Reading Brain.  This means that: 

  • We believe in connection over compliance. Rather than silencing children, we teach them to listen - and to think, to question, and to solve. 
  • Our staff works together to know and serve each child from within an intentional learning ecosystem that is as joyful as it is rigorous. 
  • Our practices are grounded in structured literacy and built on the sciences of healthy brain development, language acquisition, and the construction of the Deep Reading Brain.  This work is intentionally centered around critical thinking, empathy, problem solving and the development of executive functioning.

We are committed to providing an environment in which all our students, families, and staff show up safely as themselves. As stewards of this environment, it is our responsibility to ensure safety extends to every person, inclusive of all races /ethnicities, religions, genders, family structures, sexual orientations, and any other aspect of their identity. 

The School has never turned away a child in need of services based on his or her family’s financial circumstances. 

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Please contact Iris Goodson, Director of Human Resources.

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Current Career Opportunities:


Anne & Jim Kenan Preschool



Extended Day

Katherine Hamm Center

Rollins Center for Language & Literacy

Stepping Stones Preschool

Wardlaw School

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Atlanta Speech School provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws. All of our programs are built upon a foundation of caring instruction, based on proven research, and strengthened with a depth of academic and clinical knowledge. At the Atlanta Speech School, language is the link that connects all of our services.